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North Haven, Titan and Cod Grounds

Saturday, 30 September 2006 | link | tag | / Diving / Australia / NSW - North Coast
The weather relented and gave us a stunning clear and calm morning, the plan was the Titan and then the Cod Grounds. Never a huge fan of wrecks, to be perfectly honest, and this one is espectially boring in that its subsided into the sand, about all thats showing is the featureless bottom plating, covered by, well, at 40m, not much at all.

Still, getting Narc'd is almost as good as a few beers, so I didn't complain.

THe Cod Grounds are entirely different prospect - last time I was here there were an astonishing number of Grey Nurse about. This time only a couple, perhaps the weather didn't agree with them...

After the dives, we had the whole afternoon - we took a drive to Crowdy Head national park.