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Seal Rocks, Little Seal Rock

Friday, 28 November 2003 | link | tag | / Diving / Australia / NSW - North Coast
Little Seal Rock isn't all that much to look at. The huge crashing waves attempting to complete the job of eon's in a day, however.

We anchored a little way of the island and got into the water. Our goal was a series of channels and gutters that ran obliquely away from the island down into about 30 metres of water, and hopefully to find grey nurse sharks.

We didn't find any.

We did see plenty else though, an abundance of large bull rays gliding around and over the canyon walls of the gutters. Huge schools of red morwong - far more than I've ever seen in one place before.

There were several moray eels out swimming in the open water which I found unusual. As soon as they spotted us though, they retreated back to their rock crevices.

Lots of fish life and interesting geology made the dive a good one. There was a medium current, which we small into at the begining of the dive to get to and along the gutters. It then was so kind as to turn on us and we had to swim against it to return.

The current prevented us getting to the anchor again, and our safety stop had to be performed in open water with no reference - with the current as it was, this put us some distance from the boat.

I used my marker bouy. I have a scubapro dump fitted bouy, so all you need to do is inflate it and attach it to youself below the water line and it stands to attention for you and stays inflated - an excellent investment.

It was a long snorkle back against the current. The dive and current itself had been a bit much for Julia and I needed to help her the last few metres back to the boat. I don't think my legs have forgiven me yet :)