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Seal Rocks, Off the beach

Friday, 28 November 2003 | link | tag | / Diving / Australia / NSW - North Coast
After a disasterous incident involving me trying to be helpful, a badly maintained pneumatic steering line and a bit of swearing, we limped back to the bay at Seal Rocks on the emergency outboard.

There is a group of reefs and rocks off the right heads of the bay, and we stopped there for a second dive, again looking for Grey Nurse.

This time we weren't disappointed.

Not far from the rocks is a large sand patch, somewhat circular surrounded by tall banks of rocks and circling slowly inside and around it were 8 or 9 grey nurse.

A thrill to see always, these sharks were a little more formidable with the extra light afforded by the shallower depth at which we encountered them. They normally live a bit deeper.

We spent a bit of time cooling our heals just watching quietly and then started to explore some of the extremeties of the caves and overhangs around the perimiter of the sand patch. At the back of a long trench heading away from the patch we found a large resting port jackson shark.

An excellent dive.