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Ulladulla, Lighthouse Wall

Friday, 25 July 2003 | link | tag | / Diving / Australia / NSW - South Coast
Urg. Lots of current and surge. Relatively tough dive for my 100th, but you get that, I suppose. A Port Jackson shark, quite a big one, made the dive worthwhile though.

Getting back onto the boat was my biggest problem - no ladder! The idea was to kick up the side, grab hold of something and land yourself like a penguin. Ha! Fat chance (ie. none for me). I ended up getting out in the end, by dury rigging myself a foot hold out of a rope, so I could stand up high enough to grab something and have some leverage.

Ulladulla has a lot of things in common with Sydney diving, but with a few of the Jervis Bay elements - lots of starfish, more fan and soft corals and gorgonians, etc.

A similar dive to the last one, without the bad visibility and current problems. The dive site essentially a long wall in line with the shore, the top of which is largely boring, bu the wall face loaded with corals and plants and fish.

Towards one end of the wall, it broke up into large boulders everywhere. Lying under one was a massive bull ray - apprarently a permenant resident of the site.

Turning around and heading back the other way we followed the wall again until it broke up into a series of large boulders.

Loads of fish life, lots of large morwong and sweetlip about, and plenty of catfish and scorpionfish hiding in crevices and between the rocks.

Still no nudibranchs. Bugger.