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Bare Island, Left and Right Side

Saturday, 9 November 2002 | link | tag | / Diving / Australia / NSW - Sydney / Botany Bay
Philip and I tagged along with another 2 divers from the club. This day at Bare Island there must have been 200 divers - possibly because it was so rough elsewhere. We decided to get in on the right side first and swim out around the back as far as possible before dropping down so as to avoid the other divers as much as possible. It was very hard going. Snorkling in rought sea is NOT my idea of fun. We saw a huge wobbygong - scare the pants off me because he was coming up the other side of a boulder I was swimming over. I raced after him for a shot, but he vanished... There were some huge nudibranchs, particularly a large Splendid glosodoris on an otherwise bare rock. Biggest nudibranch I've seen to date. I didn't really enjoy this dive to much - lots of swimming on the surface, and the other divers seemed to need to be somewhere else all the time, rather than appreciating the things that we saw...Same people again, but after the last time a bit more content to have a relaxing dive. Last time I did the left side of Bare Island, several large caves and hollows had massive giant cuttlefish in them. These had been replaced with smaller juveniles. We saw the odd weedy sea dragon, and quite a few Violet Pteraeolidia nudibranchs high on the reef walls.