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Bare Island

Saturday, 28 December 2002 | link | tag | / Diving / Australia / NSW - Sydney / Botany Bay
Bare Island looked nearly perfect today, pin flat, crystal clear, not much wind and a nice warm sunny day.

Andrew, Phil and I decided to go in the left hand side of the island and head out and around the back as far as we could get.

An excellent dive. I could easily call it Nudibranch mating day, as I saw about 14 pairs of nudi's going at it. There was also an abundance of variable aphelodoris' around, which I'd not seen before and 1 other species I've not yet seen.

The dive was nice and leasuirely, and lasted for an hour comfortably - I still had 75 bar left at the end.This time we go in on the right hand side at the usual place and snorkelled out towards the back of the island before dropping down and heading back further into a deeper area of reef.

The visibility was not as good here, more than likely due to the large number of divers that had already been in, and the changing tide.

Not a lot to see out the back of the island, but we still saw a weedy sea dragon and a few nudibranchs.

The highlight of the dive was that Andrew spotted a Red-Indian fish right at the end of the dive. I had low air, no batteries left in the camera, but I still managed to get a couple of decent shots of my first Red-Indian fish.

We also came across a length of chain with a good length of rope attached. Andrew coilled up the rope to dispose of.

Another great dive - best time on an aluminium tank.