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Thursday, 14 November 2002 | link | tag | / Diving / Australia / NSW - Sydney
What an excellent night dive. We essentially just pottered about in 8 to 12 metres of water, in perfectly clear and calm water. I had a smaller that normal tank and still had air to burn - we turned back because it was cold!

A couple of Octopus, a small one in 3 metres right at the start of the dive, and later a large one that was feeding. It leaped on a fish, pumped water under its tentacles and started feeding - was quite spectacular.

We also saw a created horn shark, unfortunately he was a little ill with some fin rot. There were nudibranchs, including one I'd not seen before, dwarf lionfish (scorpionfish) and lots of cardinalfish.

On the return journey along the reef wall, it was well after dark and another animal I had not seen before was out an about. The Metabonellia haswelli echiurans (worms) were probing around with their bright green forked proboscis. If you shone light onto them, they immediately retracted - usually back under a rock. Its was quite cool to watch 10 to 20 of them simultaneuos vanish from sight with the passing of a light.

Overall an excellent way to spend a Friday evening (healthier than alcohol!).