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Deep Reef

Saturday, 18 May 2002 | link | tag | / Diving / Australia / NSW - Sydney
My dive-buddy Josh was doing the deep dive as part of a module for his advanced open water. I've only done one deep dive before, so I was happy to tag along and do the excercises in an effort to gain some confidence at this depth.

There were a few tasks to perform - we had to check our depth guages - mine reads slightly shallower than it should. We had to time each other doing a concentration task to test the effects of nitrogen narcosis. I completely stuffed up mine, I'm, afraid to say. A combination of not quiet understanding what was required, and watching other people at the same time.

As an option, we could also try eating a mini mars bar at depth. The mars bar must have a fair amount of air because the squish in quite a bit. With a great deal of coughing and spluttering I managed to eat it, and was quite pleased really. I think the fish ate more of it than I did - but thats OK, it tasted HORRIBLE mixed with salt water.