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Kurnell, The Steps, Botany Bay National Park

Saturday, 11 February 2006 | link | tag | / Diving / Australia / NSW - Sydney / Kurnell
A lovely day for it - overcast, but warm. Its been a while since I was diving with the Abyss crew, and low and behold I met Racheal, whom I last dived with in Little Bay about 2 years ago - (which was a very horrible dive, involving a huge snorkle back because of nasty current). So, we buddied up again. Racheal is now an excellent diver and buddy.

Because the tide was going out, the water visability wasn't tremendous (all that dioxin in the harbour probably) but there were pockets of clear water, and I had the macro lens on anyway, so getting close to things was required.

It was weedy sea-dragon day. We must have spotted about 10 altogether, and none were very shy, dispite the 50 divers or so that had already visited them. After thoroughly blinding a couple with flashes (poor things - I try to keep it to 3 max, or it stresses them out) we headed on to the swim-throughs towards monument and enjoyed nudibranchs and spongue life.

The second dive people were going to repeat the first dive (boring !?!?!) so Racheal and I tried our luck with going with the current for the second dive, towards the steps, with the knowledge that it might be a harder swim back on the return leg. As luck would have it, by the time we started the second dive, the current had dropped off and it really needed have mattered which way we went. That was great though, because we had the whole section from The Steps to the Leap to ourselves, and saw catfish, rays, more weedy's, pigmy leather-jackets, brightly colour weed cale's and lots of schools of bigger fish that tend to vanish after a few divers have been through already.