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Diving in Ria Bintan, Indonesia

Sunday, 22 May 2005 | link | tag | / Diving / Indonesia
Attached to the Club Med in Ria Bintan was a PADI 5 star, easily the friendliest bunch of divers I've ever come across. They made diving in Ria Bintan just way too easy, carrying your gear, guiding each dive, and pointing out interesting things for you to see under water.

I did three dives over 3 days, the first two days I had the boat and the crew to myself, so it really was pampered diving in every way.

The dive sites were interesting and full of small life and fish, if a bit drab on first glance. Not much coral, apart from the abundance of hard cone coral, but lots of colourful sponges and fans.

The highlight of the weekend would be the clownfish (always a treat), and the Mantis shrimp living along side them.

Also out an about were a few of the rarer Nudibranchs that can swim, ala Spanish Dancer style. Another first, a tiny pipefish(member of the seahorse family) that looked more like a twig than an animal.