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Diving in Palau Tioman, Malaysia

Sunday, 10 July 2005 | link | tag | / Diving / Malaysia
Took the bus to Mersing with Olle, Vanessa and Casey late on a friday night, checked into Tetinus Towers Hotel and had a few hours sleep before making our way to the disorganised chaos that is the Mersing jetty.

One and a half hours later, we're standing on the jetty at the top end of Tioman island with a slightly more stylish hairdo.

From check-in to diving was like 2 hours, has to be some sort of record I think. First stop was 'Fan Canyon' which lived up to its name, lots of swim-throughs and boulders covered in giant colourful fans and coral. Brightly coloured wrasse everywhere, with clown and anenome fish see-ing them off whenever they came to close to big clumps of waving anenome's.

A quick spot of lunch in a shelterd bay, I took the chance to do a little snorkeling - the reef suprisingly healthy dispite the fishing boats that are everywhere around the island.

Next spot was Unlucky Island, but nothing bad came of it, in fact it turned out to be very lucky if you're into Nudibranchs at all, there were LOTS of them.

A quick trip back to the resort for a nap and to regroup before our night dive.

The night dive trip wasn't far, in fact we could possibly have snorkled over to the island just off the end of the Jetty. Best part of the night dive would have to have been a hermit crab we scared the living crap out off. Here he was strolling along the ocean floor, minding his own business and the next thing, bam, spot lights everywhere. He froze like a doe in the headlights. He tenatively took a few more steps forward, blinded by a blaze of lights. That is, until I took a photo of him. The flash went off and he propped again, decided to pack it in, turned tail and bolted.

I have to mention something about Malaysia though - the thin veneer of order that perveys the place is just so very thin. While you're there you constantly feel like you're not being told something, that there is more information but that its been carefully, well, forgotten about or at least dangerously misplaced... No-one was especially happy to see us, which is not a problem really, we were happy to be there. The odd person was not very happy in general, and some people were borderline hostile - like they'd just lost their kitten. No big problem really, I think it was a fairly even race between cats and humans for number dominance on the island... I guess Malaysia has some work to do...