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Subaru Rally of Canberra, Day 2

Sunday, 12 March 2006 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / Australian Capital Territory
Today was a much better day, the competition was very tight, and most of the leaders had upped the pace just a notch after having successfully made it through the first day.

I started out with watching the jump, which is essentially a lump about a foot high in the road about 40 metres after a tricky doulbe left turn. Even with that corner right in front of it, the cars still had enough speed to be getting anywhere upto a foot into the air off it. Truly awesome.

I had been following Dean Herridge and Bill Hayes fairly carefully yesterday, and did the same today, with the difference that I skipped hte mineshaft stage way over the other side of Canberra and went straight to Kowen Central to catch them starting stages there. Much easier than the day before, and I was able to follow the stages around and catch the top 7 or 8 cars on each section, much more satisfying.

The water splash, though, would have to have been the pick of the spots, nice and shady for most of the day, and unquestionably spectacular as the cars hit the water. What I couldn't get over was the sound as they hit the water and the cars aqua-planed over the top - like a high pitched screem.

I was thouroughly exhausted when the podium presentations were being done, and I only watched the thing - all those guys that drove all day must be made of steel...