Moreton National Park, NSW South Coast

Saturday, 13 January 2007 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / New South Wales
We took the day and drove down the South Coast road to Moreton National Park. We wanted to see either Pigeon House Mountain or the Tianjara Falls, and settled on the later as it wasn't quite to far. We did the usual, stopped at Berry for Famous (really) Doughnuts from the doughnut van. Damn their good. THe road though Moreton NP from Nowra to Braidwood is almost completely gravel at the moment - big roadworks, so it was slow going.

We made our way to the turnoff for the falls, though, and pulled up in a the carpark. There was a sign that pointed off intot he scrub with the 'lookout' symbol, so we donned hats, grabbed bags and water and generally got prepared to walk a ways, and low and behold we stepped into the bush and on the other side of the first layer of trees, there was the railing for the lookout!

Its been very dry, so the waterfall was only just running.

Some beautiful country through there. We continued on to Goldburn and came back by way of the Federal Highway out of Canberra. Overall a nice day out.

Bud is now 100% Australian, having eaten a Pie and a beer at an outback pub. Poor guy, we must have dragged him away from the cricket. He was not very happy.