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Canberra, Tallaganda NP, Captains Flat

Saturday, 30 October 2004 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / New South Wales / National Parks
Driving with Phil, first time in a while since I've been doing hardly anything but work, and Phil largely been overseas in some hell hole or other :). The excuse was a trip to Canberra to collect some of Phil's belongings from a friend that lives near Queenbeyan. Once that was done, we took a more scenic route home, via the Captains Flat Road. This road winds it way through the lovely rural country-side of the southern highlands - rolling green hills, boulders, sheep.

It then turns into a gravel road for about 40 kilometres as it passes through the Tallaganda National Park. An excellent drive. We took a diverting half and hour down one of the 'fire trails' that headed off into the park. We had a whale of a time. Tight, forested tracks, a few water hazards and some nice crests here and there.

The urge to have the sunroof open on a delightfull summers day in the forest and the water hazards were mutually exclusive. We had to stop and wipe up the 500 litres of water that came in the top after going through a biggish puddle. Doh!.

A great day. It will take me hours to clean the damn thing now...