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Myall Lakes N.P., Seal Rocks

Sunday, 2 January 2005 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / New South Wales / National Parks
I took Bug for a drive up to Seal Rocks via the Myall Lakes National Park. There are two delightful tourist drives that go through the Myall Lakes, one starting just north of Karuah the other starting just north of Bulahdelah. The first section takes your along the coast and near Mungo Brush, and there is a ferry to cross which is very cute.

The second section winds it way amoung the lakes and the ocean, offering some stunning views of the water and forest. A short way into the second section is the Grandis - the tallest tree in NSW. The Grandis is a mightly flood gum and really has to be seen to get a feel for how grand it truly is. The Grandis is at the end of a delightful dirt road that winds it way up through the dense forest.

We finished off the day with a swim at Seal Rocks, about halfway along the second section of the tourist drive. Seal rocks is magic, and the day was sunny and hot, the water cool and plesant and the beach nearly deserted.