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The Grandis, Seal Rocks

Friday, 24 September 2004 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / New South Wales / National Parks
Rowena came up to Sydney to spend the day with me, and I wanted to head north and try out my replacement 300D.

So, A trip up to the Myall Lakes to see if the Grandis, the tallest tree in NSW, has been re-opened.

It HAD finally been re-opened, and the new work and platforms realy do the National Parks service proud. Immeasurably better, the platform stands some 10 metres from the ground and is some 30 metres back from the tree - much less intrusive than the old platform which ran around the base of the tree itself.

As usual, the drive up to the Grandis and back is an absolute hoot - winding and climbing gravel road through the rainforest.

We pushed on and took the turn-off to Seal Rocks - I wanted to show Rowena the most fabulous beach in NSW. We weren't dissapointed, the water was its usual aquamarine, and crystal clear.

We finished with a hike up to the SugarLoaf Point lighthouse, before returning to Sydney.