Watagan Mountains and Yengo National Park

Friday, 17 February 2006 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / New South Wales / National Parks
I took a drive north up the F3 until I got to Wyong and headed west looking for the trail going into Yengo National Park, and the raod that goes via Wisemans Ferry through St Albans. I did two complete loops, one through the Wtagan State Forest, and the second through Yengo NP via Wollombi and Wyong.

It started out as a lovely day around lunchtime, but as teh afternoon wore on, storm clouds began to build. I got absolutely bucketted on while driving on gravel roads in Yengo NP, so it made for some interesting driving.

Typical lack of decent signs meant that I had to backtrack a couple of time - roads going through National Parks and State Forests frequently just come to a dead end, or more usually, stop at the boundary of private property and a locked gate - but you aren't told that at the start. Oh well.

It was a very pleasant day out amoungst the trees. Lots of Red Gums and Flood Gums to keep my company, and more than enough dirt roads for the day. Finished off with a rip accross Wisemans Ferry over the Hawkesberry River.