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Tennant Creek to Longreach

Saturday, 6 March 2004 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / Northern Territory
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The drive from Tenant Creek to Longreach is a long one, some 980 km's across the 'channel country'.

I had two reasons for doing it in such a large chunk, mainly that the water from the recent rains had receeded and I didn't want to get trapped by more, and the other was that its particularly empty along that stretch - nothing of interest (to me at least).

I did drive through McInley, home of the 'Walkabout Creek Hotel' made infamous by the Crododile Dundee movie - but its not much to look at.

Driving accross the channel country after the rain meant that the grasslands were rich and green, and accompanied by swams... no, swams is to small a word... CLOUDS of locusts and grasshoppers. It was like driving through a meteor shower! The front of my car looks like the space shuttle after re-entry. I've removed handfuls of dead 'hopper carcasses from the intercooler, the engine bay. There were huge piles of them in the front grill, in all the crevices of the engine. I'll need a vacuum cleaner!

The rolly pollies were out in force too. Fragile tumbleweed style plants that have broken off and now are free to float and roll. If you hit them with the car (its unavoidable when they're moving) the explode silenty ina shower of twigs. I saw in the distance what appears to be a tornado, but as I got closer I found that it was a dust devil several hundred metres high that had trapped thousands of rolly pollies in it, sprialing them up to the heavens.

I stayed at the commercial hotel/motel in Longreach. Suprisingly good rooms, friendly staff.