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Yulara to Alice Springs

Thursday, 4 March 2004 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / Northern Territory
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Well, the road from Yulara resort at Uluru to Alice Springs could be 10 km or 450kms - I wouldn't know, I slept most of the way. Seriously, that has to be the most BORING drive in existance.

About 140 km's from the turn back onto the Sturt Highway I stopped for a broken down 4WD beside the road. The Nissan Patrol belonged to a family of local aboriginal people, an Les's initial request was that I phone someone for him when I got to town. He gave me the number, and when he started to say that the problem was electrical, I said I would have a look.

I wish I could write that I found the problem, fixed it McGyver style and had them on their merry way, but alas I cannot. I did find the problem, a broken relay - but having no tools or parts, i could do nothing.

Luckily a local friend of Les's arrived just then and had tow gear and was able to start towing them to Erunda (The turnoff - little more than a gas station).

I continued my way into Alice Springs, found a hotel. I despared to note that another tyre had an ominous side-wall buldge, so I spent the afternoon getting a tyre replaced - another $250 up in smoke. Shithouse Yokohama crap. Oh well.

I had dinner at the Overlanders Steakhouse. Well, I've never eaten better. Come here, eat there, I beg you! The food was great, the themed walls and other kitch were a plesant addition, not a distracting eyesore like most themed restaurants. This is the first place in the many I've eaten in the desert where the beer was servered with, gasp shock horror, a stubby cooler!. Cold beer for the entire bottle! Definately a trip highlight.

Off to tenant creek tomorrow, and a quick stop at the Devils Marbles. Hope he's washed them.