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Whale Watching, Hervey Bay

Sunday, 18 September 2005 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / Queensland / Hervey Bay
Whale Watching on Hervey Bay, my third attempt, the previous two being seasickness, bad weather and no whales... I was apprehensive.

The weather was perfect, the sea calm and flat, the sun warm, but not hot, and the whales plentiful and playful. Well, NOW I know why they call it the whale watching capitol of the world :)

The boat had barely made it to Platypus Bay when a couple of whales were spotted. They were a pair of teenage (sub-adult) whales about 5 metres long. Very curious, they circled the boat, spy-hopped, flipped and rolled near us for about an hour.

Another tour boat drew nearer, and the whales headed off to see that boat, but came back pretty much immediately - we had the better groupies - a bunch of teenage girls screaming and yelling. Even when a shouting match between boats started up, we still won.

I suppose the whales must think we're all nuts.