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Blackdown Tablelands N.P.

Thursday, 21 April 2005 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / Queensland / National Parks
Andrew had the day off to go diving with me, but 0.5m visibility and 1.5m swell meant that we changed our minds pretty quick and went for a drive instead.

I hadn't been to the Blackdown Tablelands since I was a kid, so we headed out west of Rockhampton to the 700 metre-above-sea-level escarpment. Its about a 2 hour drive from Rockhampton, and then a rapid climb up onto the plateau on very slippery pea-gravel roads.

The tablelands flora changes very rapidly as you climb, from the grasslands and sparse trees on the plain below to tree-ferns, and lush green forest at the top.

The park is littered with oddly erroded sandstone boulders and vast golden orb-weaver dens. One group of rocks looks like something a party of travelling hobbets might find a particularly pleasing spot to spend the night, boulders strewn around in a great circle with ferns and grass at their feet.

Majestic views of the Fitzroy River basin are on the winding 4WD track through the forest, and at the end a 2km walk to the Rainbow Falls, stepping down through lush rainforest, the path all but overgrown with tree ferns at some spots. Unfortunatly the falls were but a mere trickle.

Brisbane Region, Tamborine NP, Lake Moogerah.

Wednesday, 17 March 2004 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / Queensland / National Parks
solo australia trip
Luke had managed to get the day off, so we went for a bit of a drive into the area south of Ipswitch, west of the Gold Coast.

We stopped at Lake Moogerah, and did one third of the walk to the peak nearby - it was very tough going. After that, we drove to nearby Governors Chair, and walked to the lookout, an exposed rock at the top of a sheer cliff, with a magnificent view of the Boonah region.

One the way home, we headed up Tamborine Mountain, into Tamborine National Park. The drive took us through lush old growth rainforest and stopped at a delightful little campground near Cedar Creek Falls.

With all the recent rain, the Cedar Creek Falls were running well, making a mighty roar that could be heard well before it could be seen. I spent some time taking photographs of the main falls and the rockpools.

Heading back to Brisbane, we went to a Monica and Gareths house for a BBQ. It was very good to finally spend some time with Monica, we worked out its been about 8 years - far to long. Rhys made it also, and Gareths brother Gavin.