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Townsville to Sydney

Monday, 13 September 2004 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / Queensland
Exhausted from the diving, but otherwise not really pressured, the drive back was considerably more relaxing.

We drove from Townsville to nearly Mackay, Airlie Beach, and stayed the night with Jason. Was good to catch up again, if only briefly, and look around his new pad. He sure does know how to pick the spots.

Next morning we headed on to Hervey Bay, but stopped for a couple of hours and had lunch in Rockhampton with Bug and Andrew and crew. Of the entire vista of human experience, limited quality time spent with good frieds demonstrates just how short minutes can appear - in this case each minute felt like 55 microseconds.

We had seafood in Hervey Bay with M&D and got a good nights sleep before the longer haul back to Sydney bypassing Brisbane.

All in all an enjoyable and relaxing trip.