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Wilpena Pound NP, Brachina Geological Trail

After breakfast I headed out to the Brachina Gorge geological trail, about 40 km's from Wilpena Pound.

The gorge is quite beautiful in its own right as a scenic 20 km drive, but every now and again along the trail a sign and an information board gave detail on the rock formations, occasionally pointing out points of interest, fossils, etc.

I spent a couple of hours doing it, taking the short walks to points of interest, looking at the campsites along the way.

On the way back to the start to head back to Wilpena I hit a pot hole far to hard and burst a tyre! Argh!. I changed to the spare and then was faced with a very rough dirt road drive of about 50 km's back to the paved road to be increadibly careful on - I hadn't seen a soul all morning.

Anyway, I eventually and carefully got back to Wilpena and went straight on to Hawker, the township at the start of the flinders ranges and arranged a new tyre.

I attempted to get some sunset photo's of the cliffs near the campsite, but it was a washout, I was in the wrong place. Still, I could watch the kangaroos and got to see the solar station for Wipena.

I spent the rest of the day reading and watching the stars.