Wilpena Pound NP

I woke to a beautiful day. The rain had gone and it was cool and clear. I had booked a scenic flight for 9am, and dispite completely forgetting that there is a time difference between NSW and SA, it was fantastic.

Cesna's are hair raising at the best of times, but the early heat of the day over the rocks and escarpments had created a lot of thermals - it was a bumpy ride!

A delightful view though. I was able to see the entire pound at once, and also get an idea of the Gorge I am planning to drive tomorrow - the geolgical trail that covers a period in time from 150,000 years ago to about 650 million years ago, all in the space of a 25km drive.

After lunch, I headed out to the Waranga lookouts on foot, a 6.9km round trip. The view was also excellent (a good panaroma), but the walk itself was very nice. Lots of big spotted and red gums over hanging the trail for most of the way along the creekbed, and thining to wattle and smaller gums on the rocky slopes of the pound.

I got a good close look at my favourite of Australian wildlife, the Gecko :)