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Port Campbell, Grampians, Mildura

Thursday, 19 February 2004 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / South Australia
solo australia trip
I got up before dawn and headed back out to the 12 Apostles. I wanted a photo of them with decent light, and I also wanted to go and have a look at them from the closed primary viewing platform - getting out there would be easier without the crowds. It turned out really well, i got some great photo's, got a good look at the stars, and also got a view and photo's of the remaining two apostles that it was not possible to view from the open viewing platforms.

Sleepy Port Campbell doesn't offer a lot in the way of breakfast at 8am... but I found something eventually. I popped into the dive charters shop - but the weather had turned for the worst - no boats going out.

I headed directly north, aiming for Mildura. I put a goto into the GPS for Mildura and found that the heading was directly north.

I tried something different and tried to stay as close as possible to the path by following backroads, dirt tracks etc. I had an absolute ball! Some amazing sights and the driving was much more pleasant than the highway. I made a couple of mistakes and went down dirt roads that only went to homesteads on properties, but generally I kept a pretty straight line.

The temperature slowly climbed as I headed north - eventually maxing out at 42 degrees in the last 50km's into Mildura. It was still 40 degrees at 8pm!