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Wilsons Promonotry, Walking, Darby's Saddle

Monday, 16 February 2004 | link | tag | / Trips / Australia / Victoria / National Parks
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I started the day as I had it in my head last night - breakfast, prepare for walking, pay for the campsite, pickup some information on the various walks in the park, walk.

That done, I settled on the 6km walk from Darby's Saddle to Lookout Rocks and Tongue Point. Sharpes Lookout was also on this trail via a small detor. The walk took about 3 hours in total, I took it very easily. I took my small herd of marsh flies for a stroll, you might say. Damn.

The trail winds it way along the side of Darby's Saddle, through forest and heath, occasionally giving glimpses of the view ahead of islands, blue water and rocks.

The main feature of the entire park is that claim that it has many 'moods', well, I cerntainly found a taste of them on this walk. In the space of a hundred metres, the forest would change from plesant, vibrant and sun dappled carpet of ferns under splendidly large old growth trees, to gnarled and twisted trunks arching over the trail, hiding a dark and evil looking trail covered with needles from the trees. Of course the difference was what side of the mountain I was on - the more exposed side was the harsher environment.

The view from lookout rocks was abolutely amazing, I stopped to rest (it was quite a climb!), had something to eat and decided to head back. The lookout also afforded a view of the trail ahead to Tongue Point and it didn't seem to hold the same splendor this magnificent spot did.

After freezing my ass of the previous night, when I got back to camp I set off back to Foster for some supplies, and most importantly a warmer sleeping bag.

I spent the evening watching the sunset at Whiskey Bay.