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Hong Kong for work

Sunday, 3 July 2005 | link | tag | / Trips / Hong Kong
I spent 8 days in Hong Kong helping out with the move of the office there from Shan Wan to Wan Chai. I spent most of the weekend and the days working, but there was still a little time to get out and about.

The weather was much nicer in HK this time arround, so the pictures from the peak are a lot nicer.

As a treat after the move on Monday night, Nico took us out on the company Junk (!!!) and we sailed out of the harbour as the sun set and the lights were coming on. We headed around to Lama Is and had amazing seafood at a restaurant there.

Like most good seafood places in Asia you can pick your fish. Spying a Barramundi Cod in the tank I promptly pointed him out... Typically for me, I suppose, but I'd just picked the most expensive fish in the tank - some 1800 HKD worth! Needless to say we downgraded a bit. Ah well, at least we're in agreement about what a great fish is.

The ride back was nothing short of splendid. Full from good food, sitting on the quarter deck enjoying the lights of the city, a clear cool starry night, the rocking of the boat and conversation with friends. Life doesn't get too much better than that...