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Malaysia - Johor Bahru

Friday, 1 April 2005 | link | tag | / Trips / Malaysia
80 cents. Thats all it costs for international travel in Asia, at least between Singapore and Malaysia. Jonte and I caught the train to the north of Singapore, and then boarded a bus for JB - Johor Bahru, with Olle, Vanessa and Susan. 80 entire cents to change countries, tee hee.

There wasn't a really good reason for going, just a bit of a look around, some shopping etc. The shopping centres were huge and packed, not a great deal of difference from anywhere else in the world of commercial enterprise. The pirated DVD and software stores where the difference though... Just try walking past one without being heckled :)

Jonte, Olle and I left the girls to it and headed out to the JB Museum to find it closed for the day and guarded by a gentlemen with a uniform, an automatic rifle, and thankfully, a plesant demeanor.

Not to be dissapointed, we walks around the grounds for a while, and we were particularly interested in a derilect mansion, almost about to fall down. It must have been quite something in its day.

We finished off the day with dinner and a sunset - not something I've seen many off in Singapore. The bus ride back was slow and tedious, the causeway clogged with traffic.