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Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Sunday, 26 August 2007 | link | tag | / Trips / Singapore
We visited the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Its something that I had been meaning to go and see for the entire time I was in Singapore in 2005 but just never got arround to it. Its getting advertised quite a bit in Singapore at the moment, so that probably got me thinking about it again.

Setup in a roughly similar style as the Singapore Zoo, the park features themed areas, such as African Wetlands and Bird of Prey, with generally comfortable enclosures for the animals.

The diversity on display was impressive, and as always with birds, the range of colours and calls was breathtaking.

Particularly fun has the Bird of Prey show, where some trained falcons, hawks and vultures are taken through some simulated hutning situations and aireal acrobatics. A vulture with a 10 foot wingspan gliding inches above the assembled crowdwas very exciting.