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National Day Parade (Preview) 2005

Sunday, 31 July 2005 | link | tag | / Trips / Singapore
My collegue Julie had a spare ticket to the preview session for the Singapore National Day Parade, so despite the short notice I jumped at the chance. I'd being trying to work out what the program for next weekend was, now I didn't need to. A bit of a mix up about Julie telling me wear a red shirt (you can see why in the photos) but nevermind, it was a good show.

The padang, normally a completely empty patch of grass, had been transformed into a huge stadium. When filled to capacity with red shirt wearing Singaporeans, set against the backdrop of the cityscape, it was quite a sight.

THe displays included various songs, bands, school children marching and dancing in formation, miltary flyovers, drive bys, skydiving, even multimedia and lights. The overwhelming theme being a unified Singapore, the message was well presented and well received as far as I could tell. The sense of civic pride that shone through the proceedings was very strong.

The military part of the evening had a Edinborough Tattoo feel to it, and the 'mobile column' was somewhat Orwellian, a veritable catalogue of US military exports. The Apache gunship that took up a hovering posiion a not so discrete distance from the event after the Speaker of Parliment made his entrance was also a little overt for me.

The colouried lights, floats and dancers afterwards was much more fun, litterally thousands of schoolkids taking part in the fun.