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Singapore Botanical Gardens and National Orchid Garden

Saturday, 22 January 2005 | link | tag | / Trips / Singapore
I spent a few hours at the botanical gardens in Singapore today. They were closer to my apartment then I was expecting...

The gardens has a huge expanse of natural rainforest in the heart of it, and is surrounded by formal gardens and paved and grassed areas that seemed fairly popular with family groups and picnicers.

I concentrated mainly on the Orchid gardnes, which is the only part of the park that has an admission charge - on corner of the gardens is given over to the Orchids.

I got the impression that it wasn't really the right time of year for the Orchids to be flowering, as many weren't. Those that were though were putting on a mighty fine show of diversity and colour.

Highlights were the coolhouse, showcasing some orchid species from cooler climes, and the Celbrity garden, featuring hybrid orchids named after visiting dignitaries and heads of state. I thought the Orchid named after Margret Thatcher was particularely apt - withered and twisted little flowers :)

The photos tell it better than I can...