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Elephants and Bats, Khao Yai N.P.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007 | link | tag | / Trips / Thailand
Our last day in Khao Yai, we stopped and feed the working elephants at one of the business in the Khao Yai area. We also heard tail of bat caves in the area, and tracked it down to a small side road. We assumed that the best thing would be to come back as dark was approaching - the bats would probably leave their caves for the night.

DId they ever. About 15 minutes after sunset, as th last of the light was dying from the sky, there was a roar, and a blurred streak in the darkening sky. The noise was from what must have been millions of bats leaving their caverns for the night. THe stream of bats waved across the sky like slow motion electricity, and the noise built to a peak and then quickly died down.

An awesome way to finish a holiday.