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Kaew Koo Museum, Nong Khai

Saturday, 22 October 2005 | link | tag | / Trips / Thailand
Bud and I visited a temple / museum near her family home in Nong Khai, a largish town about 50 kms north of Udon Thani. Nong Khai is on the Meekhong River, a big wide brown rushing afair of a river, the kind that you don't want to be dipping your toe into to check for temperature. Across the river is the outskirts of Vietien, the capitol of Laos. Bud speaks two languages - Bangkok Thai, or official Thai, and the language of this region, Isaan, which is very similar to the language spoken in Laos.

The museum is a collection of statues, sculptures and monuments depicting images of Buddha and various events of His life. Gigantic 7 headed hydras and big elephants and many many pointy headed Buddha's, surrounded by lovely gardens and trees.

Bud's family joined us, her mum and dad, her sister Tuk, her neice Por and Nephew Chogun. It was a good day out in the sun.