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Nam Tok - Than Thon and Than Thip

Sunday, 12 September 2010 | link | tag | / Trips / Thailand
We went for a day trip along the Mekong river to see than thip waterfall and it's little brother, Than Thon ("Tan Ton").

Than Thon was more rapids than waterfall, but a wonderful picnic place, with BBQ's and tables.

We arrived about 11am at Than Thip and walked through the rain to the lower level of the water fall. Isabella had a swim in the rock pool and chased dragon flies about, and I climbed the stairs to the upper level of Than Thip.

It's a spectacular waterfall, about 80m high, and a roar as the water crashes through the odd shaped opening at the top.

After that, we had a wonderfull relaxing lunch at a resort overlooking the swollen Mekong River. Delightful day.