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Thailand - Pattaya

Friday, 25 February 2005 | link | tag | / Trips / Thailand
Thailand was fantastic. I went to Pattaya which is on the west side of the Gulf of Thailand, the ocean therefore is to the west even though Pattaya is on the east coast of Thailand. You could watch a sunset over the ocean, which was very special. I stayed at a little resorty hotel thing (didn't really know it was a resort when I booked it) but it had beachfront and hammocks and stuff. I ate BBQ prawns beside the ocean and watched the sun go down, had a few beers.

The diving wasn't especially good, the reef pretty unremarkable. It was good to be in the water though, its been far to long. The boat was nice and comfortable, and a full Thai lunch, so it was a great day out in the sun at the very least.

I had an aroma-therapy massage on Sunday after the diving which was sensational. I basically just lay there and drooled for a bit while all my muscles were convinced they were in fact not sore at all. Afterwards I went back to the room and did a bit more drooling and listened to some music.

Pattaya is rather popular for its 'night life' it has a thriving red light precinct, one that's remarkably famous from what I understand. The main street, Walking Street, has hundreds of bars and clubs all featuring 'go-go' dancers, which is a nice way of saying strippers... The streets are invariably cluttered with Pad Thai stands, neon lights, hawkers for the clubs and pirated DVD's... I got the feeling that you could probably get anything illegal you might happen to want within about 10 feet if you just asked.

The sleezy bits aside, Pattaya was an experience. So cheap ! The whole weekend cost me S$300 (about AUD$260), including the flights and hotel, diving. I have another stamp in my passport... Bringing the total countries to 4 ;)