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London Sightseeing

Friday, 22 January 2010 | link | tag | / Trips / United Kingdom
I walked 50,000 steps, about 35 km's this weekend, and took in the sights of London. I first walked past St Pauls Cathedral to the river Thames, and turned west along the river to Westminster - Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament and House of Commons.

I had intended to vist the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms but at this time of the morning, they were not open yet. I pressed on through St James Park to Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial, through the Australia gates (very fitting!). The crowds were beggining to intensify at the palace now, so I did not stay to long.

I walked along Constitution Hill to Hyde Park Corner and through Hyde Park, were I was accosted by squirrels and found the Rose Garden and the Serpentine.

I took the tube from Hyde Park Corner back to Westminster and visited the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, which was utterly brilliant - like stepping through a time machine to 1940. The combination of air raid sirens, Churchill's speaches played on speakers with the dim lighting and cramped rooms with yellowed maps covered with urgent pin pricks marking the progress of the war transported you.

I walked along Whitehall, past Number 10 - bristling with security, and on the Trafalgar Square, and Nelsons column.

I took the tube again to Leichester Square, had lunch and returned home, comprehensively bushed.

Hyde Park Birdsong - audio.