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London Sightseeing Day 2

Saturday, 23 January 2010 | link | tag | / Trips / United Kingdom
On Sunday I left a little bit later in the morning to avoid the cold, and walked down to the river and this time headed East to London Bridge, Tower Bridge and The Tower of London.

The guided tour of the Tower of London, with a Yeoman Warder, was excellent. I visted the Crown Jewels, interested in particular with the Cullinan I and II diamonds (The Star of Africa), in the corronation staff and crown of Queen Elizabeth II respectively. The Cullinan I is the largest cut diamond in the world with perfect clarity, cut from the Cullinan diamond.

Also the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, from India, in the Crown of Queen Elizabeth.

Also of interest was the museum housed in the White Tower at the center of the Tower of London, containing hundreds or suits of armour, weapons and other artifacts, and the White Tower itself, built in 1066. Definately the oldest building I've ever been in.

I also crossed the Tower Bridge, impressive and looking much better than in pictures I had previously seen of it - they are renovating it. There was a sign claiming that its the 'most famous bridge' in the world. Really? I would have said the Brooklyn bridge in New York, or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or even our own Sydney Harbour Bridge would me more instantly recognisable to more people...

On the way along the southbank of the river Thames, I also happened past the original 'Clink Prison' on Clink street. Cool. Obviously the origin of the phrase "Thrown in the Clink".

Yeoman Warder - audio