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Inovative Bike Storage

Friday, 18 March 2005 | link | tag | / Vehicles / Bike
Sydney needs these, many of them. I ride my bike to and from work in Sydney, but the largest hassle is somewhere to store it when you get there. You run the risk of having it pinched, or you can take it into the office with you, but you then need to withstand complaints and whinging...

Riding has to the be the best way into and out of Sydney that I know of. It takes roughtly 20 minutes from my front door to the office. The bus takes 45 minutes, and, well, its a stinking bus. The Tram takes about 40 minutes. Add in that you get exercise and a nice view, the ride is free, and you're onto a winner.

My route takes me through a couple of parks, over the ANZAC bridge and through the city, King and Elizabeth Streets. Apart from the odd BMW owning twit, its safe and easy.

Hmmm, maybe a letter to the Lord Mayor...